Clinical Application

  Our laboratory keeps good relationship with several hospitals such as Beijing Tiantan Hospital, 301 Hospital, Navy General Hospital, Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital, China Meitan General Hospital, Yuquan Hospital and other domestic hospitals, and some research achievement are used in clinical research.
  Development of novel diagnostic and treatment techniques will be helpful for integrating minimally invasive treatment into an intelligent medical system. We will integrate scientific research and technological development in clinical applications and translation research for medical treatment.

Here it is:

  • Academia field (Medicine / Science / Engineering): Develop diagnosis and treatment technologies; Early high-precision diagnosis, Multi-modal treatment techniques;
  • Medical field: High quality short-term therapy; Improve the treatment efficiency and accuracy done by physicians, and reduce risk; Improve the patient's QOL, early rehabilitation;
  • Market field: Industrialization feasibility; Commercialize and localize of some medical devices;
  • Society: Economical medical; Acceptable medical treatment for ordinary people; Become an important part of health care reform.

  •   We welcome clinical doctors and technician to participate in our projects, provide new ideas for medical technology development, and give bright future for the integration of medical research and innovation.